A short introduction

This blog is created because I am sick of false information on forums about plastic surgery and beauty. Too many fake accounts, immoral bloggers and scammers.  I was one of the many, whom read forums, spend a fortune on making myself pretty, and still end up looking like shit.

There are many bloggers, for the sake of sponsored surgeries or money, write about their plastic surgery experiences to bring those clinic business.  The funny thing is that most readers simply do not realize most of the pictures are photoshopped even when the blogger claims real, raw pics etc.

Many famous plastic surgeons and beauticians would tell you there is a price to pay for beauty. But few have conscience to charge based on their own capability and results they could achieve.  To many doctors, as long as they could fry an egg,  they would charge you price of a michelin grade egg fuyong.

Sick of listening to doctors and beautician jeering behind the back of poor patients whom seek redress on their post-op dissatisfaction.   Statements like "this patient has unrealistic expectations" bla bla.    Come on doctors,  why would you accept to work on the patient in the first place?  Patients have never placed knife on your neck demanding you to take their money to make them beautiful.

Why would doctors put on their website, edited pre and post ops comparison pics to make us believe we could have similar results as other pretty girls?   It is everyone's dream to be beautiful, but it is doctors professional ethics to rightfully inform patients of expectations, results, and even to reject patients when necessary. Too many greedy doctors.

Please use own discernment when making a decision to purchase a product or service. There are readers whom may find certain posts offensive to their favourite product or doctors. I apologise in advance for the ill feeling, but not to the content because all posts are not with defamatory intent or marketing purposes. 

If you like my blog, and find it beneficial to inform the world about good/bad beauty procedures, doctors, please bring it forward.   Contact me at if you want to. I dont give a flying fuck if you do it. There is no money in it for me. Have fun reading. Thank you.


Eyebrow, Eyeliner, Lip Embroidery Tattoo, Permanent MakeUp

What Singaporean and consumers/customers must read.
I hope Ministry of Health minister and officers read it too.
All these bloody beauticians in Singapore....

1. "Embroidery" is just a fancy term of permanent make up tattoo. Stupid beauticians will do their typical stupid rude talk to fool customers that it is 2 different things as though embroidery is more "highclass" using 手工 (handcraft). What beauticians are trying to bluff is that they are using 5needle manual pen blade and not the electric machine pen needle.  These beauticians are fucking cunts because both tools are throwing ink on the skin and both require laser to remove.

2. I have emailed some of the top american and european permanent makeup artist.  It is not true that the 绣眉刀片 manual blade tool for eyebrow embroidery is the only professional tool for creating stroke lines. Machine pen too that tattoo artist use can achieve the strokes effect as well.  However, since most of the beauticians are uneducated cheapskate aunties, they would rather go cheapskate to use the manual blade.  The machine pen tool itself is super expensive. The cost of replacing the needles of the machine pen is alot higher than those manual blades.

3. Most beauticians do not endorse single use blades for individual clients unless you are willing to pay extra or a super high price. See that they take from a brand new properly sealed packaging. NB. Even liposuction doctors would reuse their needles because of cost. They would clean it and put in the nice transparent case again for patients to imagine as though they are all brand new needles.  Remember to take and throw your own blade far far away after your own embroidery/tattoo so that the cheapskate beautician will not take it for next blur blur client to use.

4. Semi-permanent make up, aka embroidery/tattoo ink which will fade after a few years is the new BIG TIME bullshit that beauticians made up over 5 past years.  They will coin up new terms like "micro pigmentation" together with "semi permanent make up" or shit like "organic colours" or "make from plant colours" to make it seem as though their inks are safer and trendier.  Bullshit.  see #5

5. Globally, many beauticians have specified for cosmetic ink suppliers to create inks that will fade within 2 years. This is so that customers can return to them for "touch up" after 2-3 years.  Beauticians claim all inks which are long lasting will turn greenish/bluish like back in grandmother days.  The slightly cunning ones will say "oh, the long lasting inks all banned liao because they contain 铅(lead)." Can tell all these beauticians to fuck off.  These stupid beauticians dont even know what is unadulterated ink and colour additives.

6. Beauticians claim that embroidery colours which fade within a few years are safer. Fuck them all. The shit inks they use do not fade away completely and would still require laser if need to remove.   Even in USA, the FDA is unable to produce a standard permanent makeup ink guideline. Many big brand inks are found to still contain bacteria.  In Singapore, beauticians do not send their ink for test with HSA. They will just get it from suppliers who claim the inks are safe. And when you ask them to produce the safety cert, they tell you to find the supplier website online, which gives no info on the ingredient/content of their product!

7.  I have spoken to two major tattoo ink suppliers in Singapore. They supply ink for bodyart i.e tattoo ink for all parts of body except eye area and lips.  These tattoo ink suppliers told me that there are actually many beauticians who come to them for ink so that they could use it for eyebrow/liner/lips embroidery.  But the Singapore tattoo ink suppliers turn them down because the ink manufacturers have informed specifically their ink are not to be used near eyes or on lips.   These asshole beauticians would then end up ordering the same brands online, risking the health of consumers.

8. Good embroidery/permanent makeup ink stays permanent. Beauticians claim their ink are safer because they fade. Fucking rubbish. You think wrong if you reckon beauticians are concerned about complaints and the consumers health. They dont even know what anesthetic cream they are using.

9. Most beauticians would use anesthetic cream as Emla because it is quite easy to purchase. However, all doctors have specifically mentioned emla not to be used near eyes.  Some would get their anesthetic cream from unknown suppliers. These auntie beauticians, most of the time do not read english articles.  Their websites/facebook pages are put up by bloggers, paid professionals, young nephews/nieces.  I know of one beautician who claim her anesthetic cream is 25% and from germany.  I go waaaaa so power?  Then I found out she was using this brand.

This is worse than using Emla on eyes.   Many beauticians who are unable to get anesthetic cream, would end up getting super strong weird ass brand analgesic creams with strong alcoholic content. These pain reliever acts much faster than Emla. But beauticians dont give a shit about the effect they have on eyeliner or lips.  If they dont even give a shit about the numbing creams, what makes you think they would give a shit about the safety of ink? They just want it to look nice for 3 months, and fade fast enough so customers would spend on a new touchup.

10. On all those 3D Korean, 4D Korean eyebrow, eyeliner embroidery or permanent make up.  I asked the beauticians whats all these bullshit when 绣眉 topdogs are all from China.  They claim that it is a different "technology" and Korean ink.  This is a big time joke. This "embroidery" and "permanent makeup" thingy never really picked up in Korea as compared to China or Japan. The R&D of ink in Korea is not strong at all. Ask any proper tattoo artist if they have ever used "Korea Ink" as bodyart on bodies before.  They will all say no.  Only stupid beauticians in Singapore would use this trick to get consumers to buy embroidery services/ink which do not last.

11. Alot beauticians would price their eyebrow embroidery pricing differently.  Eyebrow tattoo/embroidery using machine/electric pen are always priced cheaper as the stupid beauticians say it does not create the stroke effect and does a quick job.  Halo. I have seen "teacher" grade beauticians using the electric pen to create the strokes and they charge alot for it.   The beauticians would claim the more expensive packaging would give a more 立体 3D effect because of difference in "technology. Again. This is bullshit because they all use the same tool. Those pretentious cunts are just NOT upfront enough to say "Look, if you pay more, we will give you finer and more dense stroke." Just because the auntie beautician is nice and friendly doesnt mean she isnt cunning and trying to fleece your money.

12. Beauticians always have a way to find fault with your previous eyebrow embroidery. Either exclaiming its too droopy or colours have faded or it looks very fake.   Even for returning customers, they also will claim the colour fade must be due to your own skin's fault. And then their claws will come out.  Tell you to do laser or chemical wash off at a discounted rate with a new design / fresh colour of eyebrow embroidery.  Super unethical. You will never hear one beautician praise the work of another unless they have a teacher student relationship.  At max the beauticians would say "OK lor.. but can be darker". And consumers toot toot get sold to do a new one again.

13. It is impossible to say that embroidery/ permanent makeup inks are safer when they fade fast. Why? Those laozharbor old aunties would do their eye tattoo once their lifetime back then and that was it. Not all turned green. However, nowadays, women have to do touch up ever 2-3 years. The skin on our face is delicate. It does not make sense, especially for sensitive areas like eyelid and lips to take a beating every 2-3 years as the needles would spoil the tissues/top layers of skin.  The beauticians would claim their needles go on a shallower part of skin. Bullshit. The limitation of depth into the skin has never really changed over the years.

14. Beauticians are stupid. Bloggers are stupider. Many could blog about how happy they are with the results after 1 week to 1 month.  Halo, dogs also look damn cute when they are puppy.   The stupidest bloggers are the ones that would write shit like "My beautician gave me a antiseptic cream to apply". And shit like "My beautician also give me a gel to apply so that the colour will stay longer."    Most of the time, the beauticians would just buy a big tub of the generic antiseptic cream from Guardian Pharmacy and squeeze it into the small containers.  As for the "gel/oil" to brighten the colours, guess what are the real contents?  Aloe vera gel, or various edible oils like sesame or olive oil you can get from ntuc supermarket. Bloggers ... toot like hell.

15. MOH/ Government should set a rule that consumers should have the right to know the brand of ink and anesthetic cream that beauticians are using on them.  It should be illegal for beauticians to brush us off with a "it's a trade secret, are you a spy?" Because other than safety of ink/anesthetic cream, consumers would purchase services base on attitude and character of a beautician. Example, you go to a doctor to get consultation for slimming pills. He will definitely tell you the brand and let you consider it first without worrying if other doctors are carrying the same brand.

Consumers/Singaporeans should learn to walk away from shitty beauticians who think they know the world about ink/eyebrow eyeliner lip embroidery.  The only thing they have is guts to poke the knife/blade into other peoples skin.



Visit to Dr Narong Nimsakul - BKK

August 2013

Was introduced to this plastic surgeon by a private message in a forum. Did not do any procedure with him. 

Piqued my curiosity.  From the list of certified plastic doctors in Thailand, he is the ONLY Thai doctor who has studied and trained in Japan.  Not one of those general practitioner doctors who only attended 3 days course and claimed to have worked/studied in Japan. After seeing his certificates and tested out his Japanese proficiency, I am convinced he is the real  形成外科学 教授.

Above is the picture of Dr Narong.  He is posing with a picture of the royal princess potrait. One of his favourite persons and painting.

Dr Narong Nimsakul's clinic is located at 420 Sukothai Mansion, Sukothai Road, Dusit, Bangkok.

This location is rather near Victory Monument BTS and Phaya Thai BTS.   However, do not attempt to take taxi  at the taxi stand outside Phaya Thai BTS.   There will be taxi coordinators in uniform whom will use walkie talkie to try book a taxi for you, claiming no booking charges.   However, once you get into the taxi, all the shit taxi scam tactics come out.     Taxi driver are not all honest in Thailand.   I will recommend a few good drivers in another post.

Told Dr Narong Nimsakul I met with a scammer taxi driver whom wanted to charge me 1000 baht for a 2 way trip from the nearest train station to Dr's clinic.  By meter, it should not have cost more than 200 baht each way.  Narong had his receptionist rescued me and helped call a taxi when I was going home.

Narong has been trained in various plastic surgery procedures.  Many patients have gone to him for revision plastic surgery.  Above picture shows his "collection" of nose implants. These implants caused complications in patients and they approached Dr Narong to remove the problematic implants and put in new ones for revision.   

Dr Narong explains his preferred implant type which is ordered from Japan.  It felt very different from many other implants I had touched.   Very soft and flexible.  

Dr Narong explains that a big implant is not the key to having a caucasian nose. Inadequate implants run the risk of protruding out from skin, especially at the nasal tip. Many people know this already.  But not many people know that when the implant is too big, it "paralyses" quite alot of facial muscles that prevents a person from having natural expressions. This is what most people would refer to as "the plastic look".

There are many asshole doctors who would go around telling people they perform cleft lip surgeries for poor children so as to make themselves look kind hearted. Many of the results still look horrible even though the lips have been stitched up.    

I asked to have a look at Dr Narong's works and he gladly showed me. Where plastic doctors excel in craniomaxillofacial surgeries, you can be assured you are not in the wrong hands.

Dr Narong's surgeries for cleft lip patients were awesome.  He has an special process to introduce implant to young cleft lip patients, adjusting the length of implants at different stages of the kids life, into adulthood, so that the kids will be socially accepted.  

As we know, most cleft lip patients still end up with significant deformities in nose and lips even after surgery.   Narong is an expert to make these rabbit kids look as normal.  Love his works.

Aside for the commonly known plastic procedures like rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery etc, ask Dr Narong what is his forte? He will tell you his passion lies in Laser.  He has published a few books in Japan on laser procedures.

Dr Narong's Operating Theatre.  It is small and rundown. Even smaller than Nara's clinic.
Dr Narong has mentioned that a new clinic/hospital with brand new facilities is being built in central BKK.   It should be ready in 2 years time.

Laser machines are his babies in his Operating Theatre. Many Japanese clients go to him. It seems popular in Japan now to do adult circumcision using laser.  Laser surgeries are normally used in cases where bleeding must be kept to a minimal.  Narong has taught many doctors on usage of laser machines. 

I asked Dr Narong why doctors in Thailand do not seem to use natural materials, such as the rib or ear cartilage for rhinoplasty.   His reply was simple.  All surgeons would have learnt the technique in school. However, if implants can do the job, then we need not subject patients to more trauma by cutting other areas.

Doctor has mentioned that other than the use of rib and ear cartillage, for severe accident cases, hip bone would have been used to reconstruct the nose. 

On rhinoplasty issues, I used to dislike implants and felt that only lousy doctors would use artificial implants rather than own body cartilage.  However,  further understanding of rhinoplasty had me realise that, really,   silicone and rib implants have their  pros and cons. I will cover that in a separate blog post later. So, for results it really depends on the skill of doctor and patients luck.

Dr Narong is a down to earth doctor. Kind. Honest. There are weird ass plastic doctors in Thailand whom tell you they can do anything and everything for you as long as you can pay. Dr Narong actually rejects patients that he reckons inappropriate for surgery.

He likes Singapore's Bak kwa. Do bring a packet for this kind doctor when you visit.  


Botox, Dysport and TMJ Part 1

December 2013

I contracted TMJ, (temporomandibular joint dysfunction) since 2001. This was a side effect after my braces in 1996. I had to seek pain relief with Botox for the last 2 years after failed remedies.

The dentist was Dr Vivien Tan.  Why I do not like her?

1. My original case file was with Singapore National Dental Centre in 1990s.  Weeks after going to this government dental centre, I received a call saying that Dr Viven Tan had privatized, set up her own private clinic and that my patient file would go with her.  The fees hence was increased from government rate to private patient rate.  I did not like the idea yet there was no option! I was told by the caller that I could not belong as a patient under Singapore National Dental Centre anymore.  Very ridiculous isnt it?  To date, I am suspicious if the call was indeed from Singapore National Dental Centre or if someone had stolen my records off the database to make me go to Vivien's private dental clinic. 

2. Dr Viven Tan hasten my entire orthondontic process. Heard most people took 2 years. Mine was 1 year plus only.  I even had to wear a X men head gear.  After my braces was taken out, whenever I go to various dentist for regularly 6 months check up, they would comment on how my teeth was over corrected.

3. God knows why she went into private practice, then now back to working in government hospital again. 

4. Subsequently I developed TMJ disorder where the left side of my jaw hurts so bad I cannot sleep at night. The pain would extend to the back of my ear and neck.  Have been to general practitioners, dentists, and ENT specialists.

The different specialists told me to try heat therapy, night splinters, mouth guards, painkillers, of which none worked. I  could understand why Mr Jim Rogers got so mad with Singapore Dentists.

There are people who commented that "rich people like Mr Rogers have all the money to be nasty and go around suing people".   

Come on idiots, precisely, because he is rich, Mr Jim Rogers will know not to mince his words if he wants cosmetic dentistry instead of oral healthcare treatment. Jim's ailment was of his TMJ pain. Jim might have wanted pretty teeth too.  However, it would be weird for a dentist to recommend dental splints and ceramic bonding done at the same time.  It is even weirder if a dentist places cosmetic dentistry above the medical condition of TMJ, even if patient requests for it.

I have no idea why the SG dentist recommended ceramic bonding. Ceramic bonding or tooth shaving/recontouring might have been used to correct height or placement differences at the molars for TMJ disorder. But for Jim's case, it was reported as many 20 ceramic bondings were made?!  If a patient is suffering from TMJ, all dentists would know not to weaken the teeth with cosmetic procedures in consideration of future tooth recontouring???


Back to my story.
I have been to various tests and X ray for my jaw. They tested me for cancer and thyroid, where all proved negative.

The ENT doctors at Singapore General Hospital finally recommended me an option which they do not perform. They told me I could consider botox to relax the masseter muscle.  I remember doing extensive research on botox after my consultation.  From knowing that Botox was used in military biochemical warfare, to the possible long term effects.

The pain outweight all consequences and I went ahead with the botox jab. It felt awesome.  For the period when the botox was effective, I was super happy and cheery. No pain, no soreness.

I hope Health Ministries from all over the world, especially Singapore, would read this.   TMJ patients are real patients with real health problems.  We NEED Botox not for vanity reasons.  Botox should be administered to TMJ patients at affordable rates and not at cosmetic enhancement procedure rate.  TMJ disorder can be so traumatising that one can get depression from it.    Please consider making botox cheap for TMJ patients like us.  

I understand Health ministries may have concerns that vain patients may lie that they have TMJ and go to various doctors for multiple botox shots.  This can be controlled with regulations -  Real TMJ patients can only obtain botox shots, twice a year, 2 shots each time, limited units, and must be accompanied with government ENT/dentist recomendation letter.

Read that there is another method call the TMJ flushing method.  Personally I am not a fan of this method as it assumes that you have inflammation at that area. Most of the time, TMJ pain has to do with the enlarged masseter muscles and joints irregularity and height of the molars.


Female Hair Loss Rescue

March 2014

This awesome LONG post should help alot of my female comrades on their hairloss issue.  Forget about all those hair tonic, hair growing lotions. THEY DO NOT WORK.

Hairloss problem is often faced by women with long hair. I've had this problem since 2004, after I worked in middle east for some months.  Salt and sand coming through the water pipes was a typical water condition in middle eastern countries.  I had to use the salty sandy water for washing my hair.  My hair began to drop like crazy. After I'd returned to Singapore, there was no improvement. The scalp itched and I'd scratch till fluids ooze from my scalp.

The floor was always full of my hair.  I used to stay at boyfriend's house over the weekends. The amount of hair drop on his floor had me so embarrassed, I'd always ask that we leave the house at any chance.

I tried changing my shampoo. Head n shoulders, Clairol, Loreal, Rene Furterer, Giovanni, Paul Mitchell, Keratase, John Masters.. all sorts of brands.
I had also tried all sorts of hair tonic at watsons and guardian pharmacy -  Neoleaf, Biolyn, Sankyo yamatori, Audace, Rene futerer, Phytosis, Regain, Pregaine, Beijing101.. name any brand on the shelves, I'd have tried it.

They ONLY make my hair smell nicer than my body nia.

I decided to visit Changi Hospital - Dermatology Specialist clinic.  The "au ta" Dermatologist Dr Eileen, (who now runs her own clinic at Mt E)   was the doctor assigned to my case.  She insisted it was nothing but seborrheic dermatitis then brush me off with a bottle of stieprox, element shampoo, and dermasone spray.

Doctor Eileen is "au ta"(lousy) not because she recommended me the "wrong" products. Dermasone does relieve the itch.  Stieprox helps short term.   

Dr Eileen is "au ta" (lousy) to me, because I felt that she did NOT have heart for me as a patient.  She gave a quick examination in under 2 minutes, then told me that she will prescribe a spray and shampoo.  I had to insist for a more detailed analysis before she would run a blood test for me.  Dr Eileen did not even inform me dermasone contains steroids until I google the product at home.      

She was more interested to explain that she could do hair transplant and the related aesthetic procedure.  I was persuaded into her confidence to do the transplant during my consultation. However, I'd changed my mind after googling the outcome of such procedure.  When I called to cancel the surgery, she actually PERSONALLY called to scold that I gave last minute notice, and that she had "prepared" everything.  (What type of op requires no preparation at all?)

My surgery cancellation notice to her was days in advance.   I reckon that Dr Eileen fumed because she was more "ëxcited" that it was a $4k cosmetic surgery. This was a huge amount back then. I was very angry at her call attack, but too young to know to complain to Singapore Medical Council.  I am sure if starhub/singtel would track it, they could track her/my call record that a doc actually called to scold a patient over a cancellation notice.  

My itch and crazy hair-drop continued for years.  The medication Dr Eileen gave did not work anymore and I refuse to go to her again for consultation because I had a phobia of her.  What the hell man, I am the one paying money, and I have to be scolded?        

I had almost gotten depression thinking I was balding.  The top of my head felt thin. When I tie a pony tail, the bundle felt like an asparagus stick.  Still, for each hair that drops, new hair comes out.

What really worked, was in year 2013. My scalp itch recurred.  I'd again asked for a referral letter from polyclinic for cheaper fees.  This time, also back to Changi hospital. I had specifically told the phone operator that I do not want that Doctor Eileen in case she works in the hospital on part time basis.

This time, the lady dermatologist (not crappy Dr Eileen) at Changi hospital was super nice. (I did not get her name).  She was detailed and meticulous to examine my scalp thoroughly.  Said my hairfall is normal (even though I dropped more than 60 strands each day)  and that I had an oily scalp.  After her assessment, she asked her senior (who is a hair expert) to examine my scalp for a second opinion.

I was prescribed this coal tar shampoo, and a ketoconazole shampoo to alternate for use.  Big Bang theory's Amy Fowler said in some of the episodes that she uses tar shampoo as well. Maybe I could also obtain a PHD with that shampoo? LOL. 

Ketoconazole is actually the active ingredient in Nizoral that you can get from normal pharmacy.  I was using Nizoral even before I visited the dermatologist in 2013. But the hospital brand is actually much better and cheaper.

Coal tar shampoo works miracles to rid the itch and oil. But internet sources states tar is cancerous although no real evidence linked to tar shampoo.  Readers must ask their doctors about this. I am still using tar shampoo because it is the only that controls my scalp itch well.

The bad of these 2 shampoos is that they smell. The good is that because it smells, you just need to use little. lol.

OK. By now, you would imagine that this is my recommendation and end of blog. BUT NO.  The 2 shampoos are not the highlight to rescuing female hair loss. 

By trial and error, I found 3 other things which really works for me. Please try.  

1. Aloe vera juice.  Please do not get those from Jorubi or Fruit of the earth. Jorubi is fantastic on skin. But for the scalp, please get the real aloe vera from the supermarket. Cost about $1.40.   Cut the top hard cover of  the aloe vera, scrap the transluscent gel out. Get a juicer and spin it.   Apply the whole sticky shit on your scalp. Use towel wrap around for 20 minutes then rinse off without shampoo. Do this once a week.

2. In the alternate week, use Olive leaf extract.  The only one I found available in Singapore is the one by Comvita. I cannot say all comvita products are good. But if you were to google search property of olive leaf, you would understand why I recommend this.  I have seen pharmaceutical grade hair products with this ingredient.  Proportion for dilution is 1 cap extract to 3 cups cold water. Use a syringe (without needle) and apply it on your scalp.   Towel wrap for 30 minutes and lightly shampoo off.

3. Haircut.  The dermatologist explained that one of the reasons to hairloss could be due to long hair, or that I tie pony tail too tight. I admit that I was always using scrunchie. When I switched to hair clamps, hair fall was lessened. I decided to chop it shorter.  About 2 inch below my shoulder. 

The pivotal change towards hairloss is that instead of one length cut, I went for a layered cut. It looks similar to below pic.  

When your hair is dropping, it makes sense to keep short hair to lessen tugging. However, if long hair is still preferred, extensive layering helps tremendously against hair loss.

This auntie hairdresser, Nancy at level 2/3 (Little House) hair salon of Fu Lu Shou complex (Singapore) does an excellent job.  And I've paid $13.  Fantastic was, Nancy had spent over an hour to cut my hair because I told her of my hair problems and that I really needed a good haircut.  Imagine 1 hour, no shampooing of hair, no perm or colour, just plain cutting.  Only those with heart of gold and love their job would spend that much time on a low spending customer. Malaysian auntie. Very nice. Do support.

After revealing these methods, Im sure all those chow smelly hair loss centres will try steal my aloe and olive leaf recipe. Seriously, it works and its not expensive. Don't dump your money to those wannabe hairloss experts and hair tonic companies.  

N.B I dont think my recipe works for male hair loss as male hairloss is mostly due to hormones issue. 


Notes on plastic surgery procedures (SG)

1. Always get it right the first time.  Do your homework.  Some would consider dirt cheap surgeons like those in Hatyai and get into trouble.   Some would think only Korean docs can give them good eyes or nose and pay a crazy price just to get disappointment.

2. Do take bloggers posts and forummers posts only with a pinch of salt.  Often, readers are using their backside to think when it comes to plastic surgery.  Those bloggers who do show their entire face, either trying to gain fame or hoping to gain income or sponsorship.  Many such bloggers and scammers would hide behind forums without a pic to promote their doctors. Please look at the number of posts and type of posts they have on the forum.  If its just one or two posts under the same moniker, you can be assured its some lazy clone with multiple accounts trying to sell his lousy clinic.

3. To really consider taking a blogger's words for real, just privately email the blogger to post a video of her talking, with the nose. High chance you will find that the real nose looks nothing like that on the printed blog because videos cannot be photoshopped. However, there is a chance the blogger could still use a certain mm thickness of camera lens to make her look thinner overall.  The best Singapore blogger with good nose done, and has video proof is dawn yang.  But i doubt she will even tell you who her plastic doc is.   Understandable. I also dont want to share my secrets if I become damn beautiful.

4. Do understand why plastic surgeons and top surgeons do not want to give discount. Whilst some are blinded by money and think you are a cheapskate, other good doctors simply find it not worth their time.  They give you the discount, they earn lesser than their comrades, then they kena you backstab at the back saying their skills is only so so.  Best part is, during their galas and outings, the poor doc who charge you less is driving a au tar toyota whereas his snobbish ex classmate could be driving a ferrari. LOL.

5. Communication is important. Always bring pictures of your favourite celebrities to let the doctor know what look you want.  If the doctor just say ok ok, press on harder.  Ask them with your existing present features, what are the limitations.   A good plastic doctor will always be able to explain the limitations due to skin thickness, bone structure etc.  And then from there, ask, what would have been more realistic post surgery. Then you consider if you want an honest doc, or an idiot who promise you skies but give you hell.

6. Always consider a certified PLASTIC surgeon FIRST before you consider any other aesthetic doctors. Many aesthetic doctors are lazy greedy general practitioners who refuse to study those extra years in medicine school to specialise in plastic surgery. They go to some ulu place in America, get some ulu diploma or certification in aesthetics, hang it on their clinic, and steal business from the real knowledgeable.   Steal business never mind, they even charge same or higher rate than real plastic docs.  Buey tahan.

7. You can search from google, the list of plastic surgeons registered in Singapore.  There are many aesthetic doctors who offer services that could only be skillfully done by plastic surgeons.  The aesthetics doctors will claim they had trained under whichever famous plastic doctors and show pictures of it.   This reminds me of alot of beauticians who will tell me they learned IPL skills from doctors. Load of rubbish.

8. Im not going to teach you everything because I really do not like it when alot girls become prettier than me.

Discounts and updates

*********************Latest as on 23 May 2013*****************************

Actually, I dont really buy the below comparison.  How to compare Singapore apple with Medan apple.  One nurse in SG salary payout how much, one nurse in Medan payout how much nia?  He dont even incur monthly rental cos its his own house.   Like that might as well compare Medan apple with vietnam apple.   The indonesia currency never appreciated much against sgd over the years, his costs of operation still low.

Besides, arthur can say $805 per area is cheap. But his rude like hell email admin will keep insisting must do all 7 areas for thigh, and all 5 areas for tummy.  End up still EXPENSIVE ma.

Then again, he is skilled.   Compare to alot other smelly "GP with aesthetic diplomas" that charge like $5k for arm lipo in SG, he is quite ok liao.

**************************As on 15 May 2013*********************************

Doctor Arthur has announced that starting from June, his rates will increase by 5% to 15%.

Below the conversation I have with him, for Singaporeans who got the news too late.

And dont worry, Im not his personalised advertiser or promoter etc.  There will be other discounts penned here subsequently of other good doctors.  Watch out for it.


Lip Tattoo and Lip Embroidery

May 2013

This blog post on lip tattoo/embroidery is written angrily.

Members at Flowerpod forum were posting wrong information as commercial scheme to promote selected beauticians. Their photos were (1)taken immediately after inking (2) heavily edited - to create the impression of vibrant colour or smooth texture.

Do not trust the beauticians these forum scammers recommend.
It is not correct.


My motivation for lip tattoo/embroidery was not celebrity influenced. I have dark lips since elementary school.   Relatives thought my health was super bad at sight of my lips discoloration.  I appeared poisoned despite obtaining gold standard in fitness tests.

Conventional tattoo is not an option as none use anesthesia cream. Pain.  In addition, many tattooist stated that the thinnest surface they had ever worked on was "nipples"  Hence, there is concern of the amount of pressure a tattooist would place with their needles on my lips.

A number of beauty centres were recommended in forums based in Singapore. One such was The Best Beauty Centre (TBBC) located at Toa Payoh.  The plump china lady at TBBC crapped her sales talk in heavy mainland accent.  She said it would be painless (lies) because anesthetic cream would be applied etc.

I stared at her lips.

BloggerMe  : It seems like you have done lip colouring as well, why is yours so dark(black)?  

TBBC Beautician (after a long pause) : "Oh because mine was done long ago."

BloggerMe :  Huh, does that mean my lips will turn black over time if I let you tattoo?

TBBC Beautician : "No la, wont because mine is old."

Not convinced, I did not let that fat woman colour my lips.

Months later, I was recommended to a home based Singaporean beautician Joyce. She was an excellent beautician from year 2012 to year 2014. I do not patronize her service anymore after I found out she was engaging shady activities, such as recommending old aunties to Malaysia for illegal eyelid procedures.

She was game to openly share all information which included:
  • Brand of anesthetic cream
  • Brand of lip ink
  • Brand of post tattoo recovery cream
  • Small testing on arm
  • Info on pressure applied.
  • Pen/blade type used for tattooing   
Thereafter I have done lip tattoo/embroidery with Joyce. 

Above pic - Lips before tattoo. There is remaining colour from first tattoo one year ago.
Upper lips appear darker than lower lips.
Brown stains at lower lip 60% covered up at first tattoo session a year ago.

Above pic - One round of "bleaching" in orange colour to lighten the dark pigmentation.  Thereafter, 2 rounds of thicker colors inked into the lips to complete the procedure.

Preparation Stage:
2 layers of anesthetic cream were applied at 20 minutes interval.   Emla was used and it still hurts like fuck as she tattoos on the lips.  The first round hurt the most as it wounds to open up the pores of the lips. Beautician then apply cotton pads soaked with fast acting liquid anesthesia.  Pain is reduced from 9/10 to 3/10.   

The anesthesia will totally dry up the lip as it is applied.  Should not be of concern because... in 1-2 hours, your lips right after the whole shit swells like below.

Above pic - I felt proud I look like Shu Qi / Bardot for this few hours in my life.   

Above pic -  actual lips on the same day after returning home in few hours.  Lips are really dry and nothing like beauty salon posters.

Above pic - lips on Day 4.  Lip appear glossy. It was mandatory to lather on lip balm regularly as moulting made lips ultra dry.  Without lubricating, the lips could tear and bleed. Balm needs to be applied for weeks to prevent the tight dry feel.

Above pic - Day 5. Upper lip is still sloughing.  
Pic on right - Deliberately stick my tongue to prop up lips to realistically show that the brown perimeters are still visible upon close examination after lip colouring.

This will cost $550 for virgin lips as all beauticians would give extra one session free for revision.  For your future visits, say, 2 -4 years later, each coloring will cost about $250.   This is slightly pricier than some other home-based beauticians.  I have seen some quoting cheaper like $350 to $480, promising a one time off job. Not sure about their results.

Some things to note about Lip Embroidery/ Lip Tattoo:

1. All beauty salons/ beautician will come up with stupid fancy names like Lips enhancement, Lips Bleaching (漂唇), Lips Embroidery and other bullshit terms.  It all means the same thing - lip tattooing or lip colouring.   

2. For business, beauticians have a habit of making customers feel bad about themselves - that customers lips shape look weird, not defined etc.  Beauticians will also tell customers that redder lips will give you better luck etc.  Do not listen to beauticians unless you have brown/pigmented lips like I do.   If your lips are pale, just use lipstick.  Traditional chinese doctors may wrongly diagnose your medical condition as having too much heat if your lips are unnaturally red all the time.

3. After lip embroidery/tattoo, all beauticians recommend customers recovery lips moisturiser/balm care.  Beauticians claim their gel/balm/oil will enhance the lip colour, keep it more lasting etc. Do not buy their bullshit.  The stay of the colour depends on how well your skin can absorb the ink, as well as quality of ink not to change over time.   

4. The anonymous brand of lip recovery gel/oi/balm and antiseptic cream recommended by beauticians often cost too much. All beauticians are not net savvy to google each and every ingredient in the products they carry. 

5. Recommendation for post lip embroidery/lip tattoo aftercare in first 2 days:
Olive Oil - ICM or DHC or bertolli or organic brand virgin olive oil for cooking all are good.

Subsequent days - use this

This can be purchased from Singapore Unity healthcare.  The best lipbalm I have used in terms of the ingredients in this product. Even with the injured lips, it is easy to apply.  Also, it does not have those artificial strawberry, blueberry, durian smell that most lip moisturisers have.

Liposuction - Stomach - by Dr Arthur (Medan)

Note: below post is written for surgery in 2012.  From 2013 onwards, Doc Arthur method of charging has changed and price have gone super high since then.


Went for my second liposuction on 2 Feb 2012. Same place, Medan, Elixir de vie, dr arthur tjandra.

The first liposuction of thighs done in dec 2011 went fine.   Area around the knees looks better now and upper thigh, although not skinny enough to see the inner thigh gap, the entire silhouette of thigh has a marked improvement.

Pricing of tummy liposuction done by dr arthur isnt cheap. It is expensive compared to thailand rates. About the same as SGH (Singapore general hospital).  Why do I go back?  Because

1. Cos there are still fat areas to lose of course.
2. Result from thigh is within expectation.  His skills similar to that senior plastic consultants in SGH.
3. Doc Arthur uses sedation (dormicum) and not GA. GA gives more post op trauma.
4. Doc Arthur is a rather transparent character. Loud, narcisstic and kiam siap. But he doesnt hide it.

Most of the stuff said about Medan would have been in my earlier blog.

Above is dr arthurs living room. rather spacious, seats are big and soft but somehow not super comfy to sit in. maybe cos after liposuction too much in pain to appreciate soft sofas. lol.

Above are fruits on the dining table for patients.. free one.. fake one also. LOL. 

All fruits are kept in the fridge.  i think his fridge only has inexhaustible supply of eggs and fruits. Previously there were chow forummers and bloggers who say you can eat alot things in his clinic apartment. All lies. You wouldnt see instant noodles. oat meal etc in the cabinets.

Arrived at the clinic in the morning. Procedure was exactly the same as previous thigh liposuction. Nurse would ask you to shower... wait around for doctor... and the dreaded needles.

Told him that i vomit easily, like a merlion.. the previous surgery he DID put anti vomit cocktail into my blood before the liquid tramadol.  This time round he hadnt. He thought it was psychological and that I was lying.  However, shortly after the tramadol was injected into the veins, the smell of it comes up quickly through your nostrils. Less than 30 seconds after injection, i puked.  I glared at him. The thought of it still makes me cringe. 

So, die die, ask for anti vomit injection before all other injections, even if need pay more just release that bit of dough.

Thereafter, I rested and have the nurse have me take some pre-op photos.

 My pre op stomach is machiam like duno how many weeks pregnant although ive never had kids.  looks like a goldfish stomach. have no idea how much i ate over the years.

anyhow... waited for about another 30 minutes after the tramadol injection before i was finally asked to the OT for  my surgery.

Dormicum does not put one into deep sleep like GA does. I was told by the nurses that I actually fought with the doctor while being sedated. lol.

After surgery was over, I was awake earlier than I should.  They told me to sleep so I closed my eyes. After half an hour, freaking bored, so I tore out all the heart beat electrodes like wolverine/frankenstein in rage and stumble my way up the staircase i named "mount everest"

I laid on the bed in the room that was assigned to me. And fell asleep again. The guestroom bed is much cosier and warmer than the OT bed.  OT area also has sterilising liquid smell.  On the first night of surgery... you'd always be give.. "PORRIDGE".   Medan porridge tastes not bad actually.

On the second day i woke up with stomach stiff.  It was nothing traumatising like thigh liposuction.
Was rather fresh and could chat away with other patients.

this is the chicken noodles soup in the menu. Ordered for breakfast as i was rather tired of eating porridge.  Its weird. The soup is more sweet than savoury.  Noodles is a cross between instant noodles and wanton mee.

Food that I'd recommend to order from the menu list: Herbal chicken soup with horfun, fried kway teow (dont get the seafood with gravy type, it taste horrible), fried bee hoon and fish porridge.

After my breakfast, i went for the post lipo massage.  Nurses sumantri and suman were good.  Dr arthur's maid tasia also nice (cant speak english though). I'd say, the attention they give is bettter than some of those SGH nurses I've come in contact with as a patient in P ward of SGH. 

I rather like what I see in the mirror.

Flat.  Within expectation.  My first tummy lipo was done in sgh by prof foo CL. super love the results back then but i ate too much and gotten fat.  (Note: Im not pleased with Foo on other procedures, so dont use my blog as consideration if you want to go to him for other surgeries).

This second lipo by Dr Arthur is within expectation.  King Arthur had to fight through the scar tissues from previous lipo to make sure no internal bleeding, no hole puncture. We do not want accidents like that property ceo franklin whom died from lipo by some useless GP.

The above taken one day after surgery.  got all the weird colorings because i was allergic to the wound tapes.

The above is taken 3 weeks after liposuction in medan.  Image is dark because Im using my mirror to shoot this picture and using flash will totally not able to see at all.   Can see that thigh has a much more decent shape and tummy not pregnant looking. 

Is it money well spent? Well Im a scrooge, I've never splurged on a LV or prada. But I like the results. King Arthur can deliver. (sounds like some ad jingle)


Liposuction - Thighs - by Dr Arthur (Medan)

Note: below post is written for surgery in 2012.  From 2013 onwards, Doc Arthur method of charging has changed and price have gone super high since then.

My liposuction experience with Dr Arthur Tjandra of elixir devie as my latest procedure in 2011/2012. Hope this entry is beneficial for those who are considering to do lipo in SG, Medan, or Hatyai.

Thanking blogger June Wee for introducing Dr Arthur. But his rates are no longer that advertised before at $95 per area 3 years ago. Those archives reporting of the old rates in channelnewsasia and wanbao should be updated. Thighs are now charged at $4900 - $30000 and don't you hope that you can get away with discounts by asking doc to suck out only inner or front thigh fats. (because i tried that).  So, is it worth to spend that much in Medan to do lipo?

I've had liposuction in various parts of my body, by various doctors. I'd speak about other docs I've liposuction with in other entries.   For thigh, my first liposuction was done by Dr Nara in Hatyai. He was the first sg forum rave as fees being cheap for a full qualified plastic surgeon. However, my experience with Dr Nara scared the shit outa me.

Nara had the nurses tie my hands with rope at side of the operating bed because I was really scared of needles. His liposuction works felt like that of a photoshop artist smoothing selected area of protrusion rather than overall scaling. Nara charges around SGD500 per area. When i asked if Nara would do more areas on my thigh to lipo, it came with a haughty retort "you singaporeans think you know everything..."   sipek buay tahan. i always respect service providers and am even polite to waiters, let alone to a doctor for him to make this kinda remark?

Post-op care was solely a stack of gauze given to absorb blood drainage.
I'm not discrediting Dr Nara because I've seen one sg nurse who had double eyelid done by him and its really awesome work. (Note, it was a primary double eyelid surgery. Not those complicated ones which requite epicanthoplasty and shits).

But at Nara's clinic, I definitely cannot tahan the humbling experience of hands being tied to the bed machiam kena kidnapped for a mad scientist experiment. They should do the tying only after patient is knocked out.

For those who are considering to go hatyai liposuction, one advice. Bring own towels. The cb Lee Garden hotel charged me for the towels that had the drainage blood water stains. The blood water was not thick like normal blood and could be washed off easily. Duno they think their towel made from egyptian cotton or what. The day before when my hotel room toilet flood, they throw my bath towel on the floor to soak the dirty water. How sacred can the towels be? Whats more ridiculous is Lee garden actually detained my passport through the entire stay. If Hatyai customs never detain.. why a ulu hotel can do that to tourists passports worh?

The rave about Dr Arthur on forums came probably a year or two after Nara. Of course it was another "cheap and good" message sent out by drones and clones who have nothing better to do all day. The yesteryears cheapy rates no longer apply for he is now established as King Arthur of the OT table, or rather, as the blood test centre receptionist says "the king of lipö". lol.

Like many other girls who had received Jennifer Cotto emails (elixir's mysterious administrator whom we all suspect to be Arthur himself), we were scared by the information and imagined how scary Medan might be. I thought it would be like in those hollywood movies, where you'd get mugged by some ghetto poor bastards. This lipo-trip, what i saw, was nothing like what I've imagined.

Medan is alot like Malaysia, Thailand and Cambodia. Jennifer Cotto's email make sense because alot of Singaporean are abit stupid. I.E. First time travel to Medan, think they are going to HK or Taiwan, dress loud, exposing skin and attract attention. Basically, you need to respect that it is a Muslim country and people are conservative. If play according to the rules and respect everybody, you wont kena bomb like those silly loud ang mohs in Bali.

One thing extremely true about the email is the Airport Customs. I will not elaborate here because those who have received Jennifer's email would be warned on what to look out for and it is a nation's issue. Once you get out from the airport, you will see what other forumers described as "ülu". Well, it is ulu compared to Singapore. However, I think many forumers have not seen other countries to really experience what is the real "ulu". Medan is pretty developed in that sense.

Above is a view of how the Medan airport look like after you come out from it. Looks really kampong la. But wait till you see Laos and Siam Reap one. Even more remote.  

The above is a picture taken in the driver's car. The driver, Mr S, doesnt speak much english but is friendly and does his job. Before the trip, I asked Jennifer for driver's photo so that he could be identified. I'm glad she did not give because if the driver's were to be identified by all, locals could conspire and we could all kena hijacked on the trip right? Buddhist Mantra is being played through the ride and Mr S could humm to it happily even though different religion. Talking about religious harmony, this is what i call, real.

I thought the clinic would be some villa like on SG Nassim hill. But upon arrival the facade is rather washed out and the cars parked outside were no Ferrari. LOL.

Continuing my story.  I was asked to fill in a form when ushered in by the clinic manager Jenny. Recept area is neat, with Dr Arthur's accolades framed up on the walls. Many parts of the reception area you can see fengshui ornaments. Interesting. Below pics of the reception area.

Jenny, the clinic manager is a Indonesian chinese, petite, reserved and smiles alot. After i filled in the form, she asked if I had brought dettol. I was like HUH? what dettol? she said it was stated in the email but i didnt see lor. Anyway that tiny bottle of dettol was charged to the bill for using it to shower one time nia.

The room in Dr Arthur's clinic is considered neat and tidy. Two things though. DVD player is spoilt and have thus have to watch dvd in the living room. Bedsheet has strong smell of detergent and abit hard to sleep with the strong perfume smell at night.

Toilet/bathroom is clean. However, please bring own toothpaste and facial cleanser as most toiletries provided are kapok from other hotels and not for the fastidious ones like me. Damn cheapo in that sense.

Most patients will have just that one shower before the operation and the few days stay will not have you shower as you'd be all bandaged up. So, if need be, wash yourself really clean and shampoo before the surgery.

Patients will be asked to makan antibiotic and painkiller before the operation. If you have a weak stomach like me, take some antacid before the painkiller.

Thereafter, have to wait for Dr Arthur to be ready for consultation. While waiting, I explored some of the rooms.

Dr Arthur showed me his gym room, huge space for a single user. Heard he used to teach salsa etc in this room but no longer does that. Would be good if the friend you get to accompany you for the liposuction is a health freak and can make use of the facilities.  Patients who go lipo are often too much in pain and stiffness to workout at the gym.

Next i went to the OT. Operating theatre important to see if the set up is hygienic. Dr Arthur's OT alone is at least 3 times more spacious that Nara's. Floor and equipment also cleaner. BTW, if any reader think I am biased, can go to both clinics yourself or bring expert witness.

The above is taken when all nurses are on holidays. To check if its not just shit sweep under the carpet, i go kaypoh the washing sink in the OT. Normally if the OT sink is dirty, it is called a kitchen, not a OT.

Buey pai. The OT basin is got pass standard.
Not long after the inspection, Dr Arthur asked me to go consultation liao. The usual of where I want fats to be removed, complications, his style of approaching liposuction works and finally, the blast that my previous operation was blotched because I went for cheap fees.   That of what many foreign doctors will say "you singaporean just want cheap cheap cheap la. thats why."

Me is really buey tahan when people say that. Tell me which country people will want pay for expensive things other than the LV/prada community. I went to Nara because he was the rave in forums as Value for money. not cos fees were cheap. If he were to be just a GP, i wouldnt even pay a single cent even if he promise to plastic me until like Angelina Jolie. The bottomline assurance was that Nara was a real plastic surgeon, not a GP.

After going to Hatyai then I realise many forummers do not update what happened to them after that lor. So I hope Dr Arthur stop having the opinion that Singaporean girls are cheapskates that will just follow anywhere cheap. Going to Arthur is also NOT because his fees are cheap or his revision skills is like Hua Tuo. But simply that he is known in forums as the Dr whose liposuction works.

However, what all forummers can find from past posts would see the following pattern:

Thigh lipo at Nara 
SGD$500 per area(as per website checked in jan 2012), each session max 2 areas.
Over a span of 3 consecutive surgery days can lipo max 6 areas.
Dormicum Sedation, Not general anesthesia.
Machine assisted lipo.
Limited resting time at recovery area.
  • Surgery fee estimated= $3000.
  • medication = not provided, but can be purchased at clinic on request.  Gauze provided one stack foc. 
  • bus ticket to hatyai = $120. 
  • hotel stay 3 nights = $240.
  • food = $150 (assuming sg girls love sharkfins soup over there which i do not advocate)
Total damage = $3510.
Service = abit like going to seven eleven
Personal opinion on post lipo results = cant see much difference.

Thigh lipo at SGH year 2012.
uses GA.
1 day surgery.
Machine assisted lipo.
Dont have to walk to recovery room. got rollers move you bed to bed.
Table fee includes compression garment, food, medication, 2 nights wards stay included in surgery fee.
  • Esimated total damage = $5500 (as per checked with nurses in P ward in 2012)
Service = the fat nurse in plastic ward refuse to bring me bedpan when i was too weak to pee. Aircon in A-ward damn cold.
Personal opinion on post lipo results = dont know. as have not done for thigh at SGH. Other parts done by Dr Foo at SGH was fantastic.

Thigh lipo at Dr Arthur year 2012.
uses Dormicum sedation. No propofol or GA.
1 day surgery. 2 separate sessions required if want elephant legs to become rosie huntingtons.
Traditional syringe lipo.
Have to walk to second floor resting room by yourself.
charge at $700 per area but everyone in forums know thigh surgery a minimum of $4900 to max $30000 in total.
  • silkair return ticket to medan = $250
  • room stay 2 nights at Dr Arthurs = $120 - $140
  • medication = $180
  • food for 3 days = $50
  • own purchase of garment = $80
Service = excellent nurses but dont have emergency button to press in room.
Total damage = $5580
Personal opinion on post op results = sipek pain. but definitely can see slimmer leg at less trauma because not under GA.

Thigh lipo at Dr Donald Ng Alaxis
$6000 for 2 sessions (as per flowerpod web).
Medication separately charged.
Vaser lipo/Machine assisted lipo
1 day surgery
Service = friendly nurses.
Personal opinion on post op results = dont know. never had thigh done by him.

Back to my thigh op surgery story.
During the consultation, doc Arthur pinched my very fat side of the knees and exclaimed "why previously this part never do!?" 
And im like "er.. how i know worh. i only know i want slim legs. if i know exactly how to go about it Id have used the kitchen knife and canteen straw suck out my own fats liao"

And he pinched my fats is the sipek pain.

After the consultation, I was told to go into the waiting room where Dr put the "tap" into my wrist. I already damn scared of needle liao.. Dr Arthur cannot find the vein and took in and out 3 times. At end of the op, my entire hand was more bruised lee than my thigh.   I squeeze the nurse hands damn hard and they were comforting. Really liked the nurses there.

The above is Swordsman Arthur's choice of weaponry. If you have a chance to take a close look at the needle, it is as what he said, edges blunt enough not to poke holes in intestines if patients are not in deep sedation. Heard some other patients said he will give the fats sucked out back to patients in large plastic bags to bring home as moisturisers.  I told Dr Arthur I die die dont want. Imagine all pregnant women told by doctors they can have the sai they defecate to bring home for their plants after giving birth. LOL.

Painkillers and a small round pill was given. Then i was to lie at the waiting bed. Dont know that pill was to make me sleep or what. But i stayed wide awake. Wait until buey tahan liao then walked outa room to see what they are doing.

The above is taken pre op. This fucked up camera cannot really capture how much fats i have. esp inner thigh fats.

I remember vaguely right after the op, doc told me to take a look at my own thighs. I did see legs smaller and then when i finally woke up, i was all bandaged like shown below liao.

Looks abit like superman in diapers hor? Think underwear wear wrong side also.

Before the op the receptionist Jenny asked me what I'd want to eat. I already thought of all the penyets and murtabaks. But she suggested burbur. I thought "sure or not... Indonesia so many good food you just tell me take porridge..."
After my op, it was already 5pm when i woke. I climbed that Mt everest staircase back into my room and slept again. The burbur arrived at 6pm but it wasnt until 10pm I woke and managed to eat. 

Then again, another girl who went for breast op, she woke at 3pm and could eat a huge bowl of beef kwayteow right after.

Dr Arthur clinic has 2 menu lists.

The menu list looks very tempting. But some of the food is really pai jiak like hell.
Got one auntie order a beef rice set and it end up having just ONE pebble size beef and alot chilli with rice. xiao si wo.  
Safest from the list is the porridge and kway teow. Anything else have to go sunplaza shopping mall buy when you are ok to walk. Dont get the A&W float. You wouldnt get the nostalgic experience of that in SG but higher chance of diabetes. lol.

And ah, got duno which cb forummer said got alot fruits la, instant noodles la, cereals etc can eat when hungry in Arthur clinic. I'd say, can only see few apple, orange, banana and milo. dont have maggi mee or quaker. If think will be hungry at night, better have receptionist buy you bread or something during dinner to last for supper. Else bring gardinier from SG.

Reason to eat more after surgery is cos the painkiller and antibiotics can make one hungry. Got some weird forummers dont know recommend what yunnan baiyao, arnica and other nonsense. I tried yunnan baiyao powder once on an injured hamster. blood never clot never do anything lor. Plus so many fake yunnan baiyaos out there. Id say, better just up your protein with milk and vit E with papaya pre and post swee swee recovery.

Kitchen sink puts up a notice "please wash plate and cutleries". But really la.. patient already barely can stand... unless got bring friend.. else shower also cannot liao.. still must wash cutleries.. for those lazy ones.. bring own plastic fork n spoon easiest.

The next morning after the operation, your thighs must be massaged to drain out the water. The process can be very uncomfortable and the nurses may suddenly morph into hercules. But if dont take out the excess water... the leg will swell even longer. They hadnt managed squeeze out much water from my legs though.

Above is bandages taken out at the 3rd day of drainage. second day was too giddy to take any pics. but second day much bloodier.

The above is clips used with the orange bandage post lipo. Patients please take note of these clips during the rebandage session post drainage. sometimes the nurse will accidentally hook these onto your leg skin as the bandage layer isnt thick enough. So if experience the hook on the skin... must tell the nurses.

3rd day i shopped abit at the sunplaza before going to airport. Sunplaza and its people will make you realise the large number of chinese community makes you feel at home. Lingerie there is slightly cheaper than in sg. so is cosmetics. I didnt buy anything cos I'd still prefer contribute to SG GDP. lol.
Didnt take pics with my camera cos still got to be careful in a foreign land. People there like to "Stare".

Heard medan known for Lake Toba... but its 4 hours away from Dr Arthur clinic. Although the clinic letter says will provide transport for free to all destinations... 8 hours thru and fro will probably find it hard for the driver to fetch other patients to/from airport.

the above is taken at the departure waiting room at the airport. Some girls will tell me the airport does not announce for flight. But actually got la. Just that must listen carefully. Go there is really nothing better to do. But driver at Arthur clinic will try to send you there by evening as anything later.. it will be considered as OT paid to the driver.

The above is taken a day after I got back to Singapore. Can see that the left inner thigh is swollen until duno like what cos bandaged not put properly. got to keep massaging the hardy areas. Feet also damn swollen and cant straighten. Worst part is my back/pelvic girdle couldnt straighten. I went to office on the 6th day after op. But took one day off again to rest. Forget about being able to stand on the MRT from raffles place to jurong. Im still cabbing to work 10th day after op.

Above is my thigh 9 days after lipo. can see im still not able to really stand straight.

Parts are still swollen, but I definitely can see my knees area not so fat now.

Id be going to Arthur next month for my tummy lipo. Supposedly the more scary one since the SG CEO died from multiple punctures in one of the GP clinics. Thank you for reading this lenghty post.